Our Cable Bracing Techniques

Our Cable Bracing Techniques

Cable bracing is a method used to provide structural support to trees. It helps to reduce the risk of branch failure by providing additional support to weak or damaged limbs. High strength cables, typically made from steel, are strategically installed to offer extra support where it is most needed.

We at Watson & Price Tree Services use a selective pruning method to spot bad structure in a tree and quickly take measures to relieve weight off certain limbs. Our professional team has years of experience and latest equipment to install cable bracing to secure the structure of the trees. Below, we are going to discuss cable bracing techniques in more detail below.

Past Cable Bracing Techniques

Previously, cable bracing involved rigid and invasive supports such as metal rods and clamps, which sometimes caused damage to the tree or structure. These techniques would often damage and restrict the natural growth of the tree. These techniques are now considered as bad practice as it can cause rot and decay as well as further problems down the line.

Cobra Bracing

Cobra bracing is a dynamic bracing system specifically designed not to cause damage to trees. This flexible method allows for the natural movement of the tree and helps the tree to develop its natural strength while still being supported. Cobra bracing consists of strong, flexible bracing rods that are wrapped around branches in need of support.

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