It is possible for trees to grow in such a way that their structure can no longer support their weight. If this does occur, it will eventually, given the right circumstances, lead to failure. This could mean that a tree collapses in an unsafe manner, potentially causing harm to your property, or worse, the people living there.

It’s important to spot bad structure in a tree and quickly take measures to relieve weight off certain limbs. This can be achieved by a method known as selective pruning. Selective pruning is where certain branches are removed from trees. This allows the trees to take on a better structure and reduces the risk of failure.

This doesn’t always work however. So, when selective pruning is not enough, we at Watson & Price Tree Services will aid the tree using cables and bracing.

Past Cable Bracing Techniques

Past cable bracing techniques involved screwing a bolt through both ends of the stems to link them together. This is now considered bad practice because it results in wounding the tree and can cause rot and decay. Not only is this something to be avoided in terms of tree health, but it can also cause further problems down the line.

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Cobra Bracing

Cobra bracing is a dynamic, flexible tree bracing system designed not to damage trees with invasive bracing rods. This technique allows for both dynamic and static bracing systems. You can reduce the risk of failure of weak branches with our range of quality bracing. As a result, the tree’s structure can be corrected meaning that it will not need to be removed.

To find out more about our bracing services please be sure to contact us today at Watson & Price Tree Services Ltd. We look forward to speaking with and hopefully being of service to you.

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Our Google Reviews

  • Jen Kay

    Really great job removing tree and significantly reducing the size of a number of bushes we have. Really efficient and professional team and knowledgeable about what is best for particular trees and shrubs. Highly recommend! Thanks Alex and team!

  • Natalie Mackintosh

    Alex and Dan offer an incredibly professional and reliable service, second to none. Their quick response to my enquiry was followed up with a site visit, outside of office hours, and a competitive quote. Their work was exemplary and they left the garden tidier than before their visit. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to all.

  • Matt Styles

    Very helpful and accomodating, the work was carried quickly and I am very happy with the result!

  • Quintin Ramsay-Lewis

    Nice guys and at competitve rates. Did a great job at removing two small trees, thinning out another two and trimming a very large Laurel hedge. They were very professional and left the garden tidy when they left. Would highly recommend.

  • Josh Beckwith

    Fantastic job! They turned up on time, worked fast, tidied up and did a great job all round. These guys will be my go to now to keep the tree's and hedges in order. I HIGHLY recommend.

  • Michael Saunders

    Can’t find fault with anything Alex and Dan did, they cleaned up thoroughly and left the garden as they found it. They arrived on time and did a really professional job.Also gave good advice. Would definitely use them again.

  • Laura Thain

    Dan and Alex did a great job advising us about the trees in our garden, helping us decide how best to manage them. They trimmed a large maple tree which was getting out of hand, shaping it into a much better size for our garden. They also removed a pesky self-seeded ash from our boundary. They were efficient, tidy and courteous to our neighbours. I would highly recommend their services and will use them again in the future!

  • Amanda Frankum

    Alex and his team did an outstanding job for us. Some very large conifers taken down so expertly with no impact on neighbours. Lots of other tree work during the two days they were with us chipping and removing all waste. Extremely tidy and very polite helpful guys. We've arranged for further follow up work. Can't recommend them highly enough.

  • Scarlett Elworthy

    By far the best and most affordable tree surgery work I've ever had carried out. Alex followed up my initial enquiry immediately with a site visit, gave excellent advice and arranged to do the job when it was best for the trees - when they'd gone into their winter mode and stopped growing for the year. The job was duly carried out on the date agreed and the trees are all smaller but still look very natural. Alex's friendly team also gave my neighbour some helpful tree advice, chopped up some logs, removed an old Eucalyptus trunk, at no extra charge, and swept up. Will definitely use again.