What Does Tree Pruning Involve?

What Does Tree Pruning Involve?

Trees require care and attention to thrive. Tree pruning is one of the essential aspects of tree care and maintenance. It’s a nuanced practice that requires knowledge, skill and a deep understanding of trees. In this blog post, we at Watson & Price Tree Services Ltd will discuss this service in more detail along with its importance and different techniques.

What Is Tree Pruning?

The systematic removal of particular tree parts, including branches, buds or roots, is known as pruning. This is mainly done to enhance the appearance, health and shape of the tree. It also eliminates weak or overhanging branches and reduces the risk of property damage or personal injury from falling foliage. Also, proper pruning encourages robust growth and can desirably shape the tree to prevent overcrowding.

Tree Pruning Techniques

Crown Thinning: This involves selectively removing branches throughout the canopy to reduce density and enhance light penetration and air circulation. It’s highly beneficial for trees with dense foliage.

Crown Raising: In this technique, pruning professionals raise the lower branches of a tree to create clearance beneath the canopy. It allows for better pedestrian or vehicular access and enhances visibility.

Crown Reduction: This technique involves selectively reducing the size of the tree’s canopy by cutting back branches to lateral growth points. It’s done to reduce the tree’s overall size and mitigate structural issues.

Shaping: This type of pruning gives a tree an aesthetic shape that allows it to maintain its natural form or in some cases, to achieve a desired shape.

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